"We feel the greatest asset of After the Homestretch-Arizona is our veterinarian, Dr. Stacey Sickler. There is such comfort knowing our horses have the very best diagnosis and medical treatment available whenever they are in need.  We are constantly amazed of her skill and the technical surgeries she is able to perform in the field. Besides generally treating our horses, Dr. Sickler has closed up a hernia and gelded one of our colts, taken x-rays to diagnosis lameness and arthritis, and sutured lacerations.  Dr. Sickler takes time to explain her findings and gives us options with expected prognosis so we are able to make intelligent, informed decisions. We know we are getting the best of advice because, besides owning sport horses herself, she always keeps current in her knowledge and collaborates with other veterinarians." 

- Dannielle Martuana, President - After the Homestretch-Arizona


"I have used Stacey Sickler for about 5 years now, and her work and information is outstanding. She is always professional and full of great information that you may require to complete tasks. She always returns my calls promptly and is very good about making appointments. I could go on about her as Vet, but for now I will say that you should use her and you will be pleased!  Thanks for everything Stacey!" 

- Curry Eversole, President RRR Horse Rescue

"Dr. Sickler is a top-notch vet in knowledge and experience, and she also has a great stall-side manner. Whether it's routine work or an emergency call she expertly handles the situation and puts my horses at ease. I also appreciate her follow through and follow up. She takes the time to explain things thoroughly, providing options and possible outcomes. This helps me make the best decisions possible for my horses. Thank you!" 

- Diana Gogan ~ Fire Horse Ranch

"Stacey is the best, she has kept ( Smarty ) Mr Plain and Smart healthy and still showing after I Rap treatments for 6 years. Now 13 he is still out there showing. Thank you Girl Friend" 

- Deborah Hotaling

"Stacey is 100% professional, helpful, and calm in emergency situations!

When our Mustang had a "mustang moment", sustaining an injury above his hoof at a location with an artery, Stacey provided clear instructions over the phone on how to prevent blood loss until she could arrive.  The instructions worked!  Stacey arrived, cleaned, sutured, and bandaged our little horse up.  He's as good as new!  Thanks Stacey!!!"

~  RM